Joe Gibson

Joe Gibson
Tel +44 141 429 0294


Welcome to the new DbI “Outdoor Network”! This network is for all people who enjoy or use the outdoor environment . It is open to people whose deafblindness is either acquired or congenital as well as to support staff and families. We hope this network will encourage deafblind people and the people who support them to use and enjoy the outdoor environment by:

  • Promoting the use of the outdoors with and for people who are deafblind for leisure, educational and therapeutic purposes
  • Developing an understanding of some of the theories relating to the beneficial use of the outdoor environment and how these might apply to people who are deafblind
  • Sharing practice of and opportunities for using the outdoors with people who are deafblind
  • Sharing different cultural ways of using and viewing the outdoor environment.

If you would like to be a part of this network, have an outdoor event you wish to publicise or just want more information please contact Joe Gibson via email.